Eco - Friendly

Consistent Thickness

Uniform& Superior
Zinc Adhesion

Highest Corrosion Resistance

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Square and Rectangular

ECO DUCT - HAVC Duct are the perfect fitting with 4 bolt system.



  • Elbow
  • Offset

Eco Ducts Round

Eco Duct - Elbow are necessary ductwork changes direction and when connection individual machine to branch lines.

  • Round Pipe
  • Air Riser


To Prevent air leakage. This is a very special job for Pharmaceutical Company's, Food Processing Units, Milk Plants who doesn't want sealant in the Joints.


ECO DUCT , India ‘s first FREE LEAD ducting profile will bring a breath of FRESH & HEALTHY air in your life features..


We aim to contribute to the present technical excellence with our committed research and development efforts.


We envision better tomorrow’s for the people as well as the mother Earth.