Eco - Friendly

Consistent Thickness

Uniform& Superior
Zinc Adhesion

Highest Corrosion Resistance

Why Eco Duct

  • Lead is commonly used in Ducting sheets and presence of lead oxide is injurious to health.
  • ECODUCT protects you from inhaling contaminated air.
  • ECODUCT, India’s first Lead free Ducting profile will bring a breath of FRESH & HEALTHY air in     your life features.
  • The Best of Technology is there to make your life better.
  • Everyone is getting health conscious. The recent popularity of LEAD- free paints shows that          people would opt for only LEAD- free Ducting in future.
  • Best row material and high quality makes it the most efficient and dependable ducting system.
  • Lead free innovation makes it a futuristic product as everyone is becoming health conscious.

Features of the raw material being used in manufacturing of ECODUCT



Highest Corrosion Resistance
Consistent Thickness
Superior surface texture & Finish
Uniform & Superior Zinc Adhesion
Optimum Formability
Superior paint Adhesion
Eco - Friendly